From Spaces to WordPress

Well, I decided to make the jump sooner rather than later and moved my blog from Windows Live Spaces over to

The wizard process was quite painless and everything migrated just right. The post dates remained intact, all the comment (including the ton of Comment spam – they never did get a handle on that…) and cleaned and tidied it up.

the only trouble I had was switching my Windows Live Writer 2011 Beta to see the new Blog. It’d pick up all the details but error out when adding the XMLRPC point. Turns out it was as simple as manually adding the Proxy settings to WLW. I’m not sure if that is due to TMG, WLW or perhaps even the IE9 influence here… needless to say, if you are reading this post, it worked…

Now all that remains is some minor adjestments in design and most importantly, more content. I must say that I have fallen a bit by the wayside, having posted mostly through Twitter (@BigChaps) but try to post articles with problems/solutions that others might be looking for to provide some help.

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Updating VMWare ESXi Hosts with extra NICs

Adding a Intel Quad Server NIC to Dell R510 + ESXi

We wanted to implement our new ESXi Host to use for our lesser Servers and started by configuring a  brand new Dell PowerEdge R510 Server. Unfortunately, these don’t come with enough NICs to be an affective Host.  We added additional  NICs via an Intel Quad Server NIC card and began the installation of ESXi 4.1

However…. The error shows up as follows:

Intel Quad Server NIC Card drivers not in VMWare install.

Blast… back to the command-line to add the new drivers.

Update via vSphere client + vSphere CLI

I installed the vSphere CLI tool on my maintenance VM and entered the following command

“C:Program FilesVMwareVMware vSphere CLIbin> –server= –install –bundle”

i was then prompted for user credentials

Enter username: root
Enter password:

followed by

Please wait patch installation is in progress …
The update completed successfully, but the system needs to be rebooted for the changes to be effective.

After the reboot was done, we were fine. Seems that particular Intel Quad Server NIC doesn’t have inbuilt drivers in the ESXi image.

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The Lazy Engineer Solution

Never underestimate the lazy engineers to find the simplest solution

I’ve been notified of some ECC RAM errors on some of my blades in the DataCenter…  here is the old way and the new way to deal with it

Old Way…

  1. Contact stakeholders to let them know of issues
  2. Schedule down time of Services
  3. Create maintenance tools Boot CD
  4. Wait until after Business Hours
  5. Drive into DC
  6. Reboot Server and boot Diagnostic CD, hoping that it copied OK.
  7. Chew nails nervously while tools run while fending off calls about when downtime ends
  8. Finish and hope (pray!) the server starts.
  9. Check that all Services have returned to Production Levels
  10. Drive back to Office, listening to 24 Voicemail messages about how Services are down
  11. Send out notices and apologies while boss berates you for downtime

New Way

  1. Let boss know
  2. Download tool and create iso
  3. Migrate Virtual Servers to new Host
  4. Connect to Remote Access Card and set Virtual CD to Diagnostic iso and Boot order
  5. Reboot Host and run tests while getting coffee (the only time I leave my seat…)
  6. Restart blade and migrate Virtual Server back to host
  7. Let boss know it’s all done with no interruption to services

Nothing like lazy Engineers to work out a way that I can do all that without leaving my seat… No wonder Virtualisation is the new way…

EDIT: except that if it was in the Cloud, I wouldn’t have to worry about it at all

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Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta Testing…

imageSo I have now installed Live Essentials 4 beta..and I am now checking it out..


One thing that did make me pause was the uninstallation of Live Mesh client. I have been using the Live Mesh to synchronise my OneNote Folders as well as the Pictures Directory on my Mobile Phone. Now I guess I have to work out how I am going to progress.

Obviously I can’t stay the same way because, by all accounts Live Mesh is on the way out. Live Sync can sync between PC’s and use a 2Gb space on SkyDrive. Combine this with OneNote Web and we should have a winner…

Besides, It is high time I overhauled my OneNote so as to match what I am trying to achieve with my GTD implementation. Once I can put my Notes into the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere and any client, then I am once step closer to achieving GTD Nirvana…

Live Writer

well, Live Writer has been pretty simple so far… Not a great deal has changed when first looking at it bar the addition of the Ribbon.  I few Emoticons and  I downloaded some Plugins and away I went.. This was already a very good programs so I expected just a few finetuning changes.

Live Photo Gallery

Well, this certainly has changed… Lots of changes here, Ribbon, Ttagging options including GeoTagging, uploading to Flickr,Facebook, and YouTube built in instead of the previous downloadable add-ins (which are still picked up BTW) even hints of Metro UI.

Given the large amounts of photos and Videos on my Laptop (and even larger store on my PC at Home awaiting upload to my WHS) this will take some time to get my head around. I am definitely looking forward to the Batch People tag and seeing how that goes…

Live Messenger

I’m not so sure on Live messenger, a bi-i-ig new window for the full view, that’ll get reduced quick smart. A chocie of using the Windows Social or the NineMSN page when starting messenger was interesting, I keep away from NineMSN as much as I can. I’m not a big Messenger user so the Tabbed conversations , while very good, won’t get that much of a hammering by me… I certainly won’t be

Again, more implementation of the Metro UI concepts, in particular the menu options. I like this style and I am glad to see it gain more ground…


Live Sync

The Live Sync clients starts up nad gives you three option in the first window

  1. Add Folder
  2. Internet Explorer – Turn on Syncing
  3. Microsoft Office – Turn on Syncing

The Internet Explorer Version syncs your Favourites and the Office option syncs you Signatures and stuff. I don’t know that I will be using these ones too much… I like the separation of Home and Work a little too much for that.

Live Family Safety, Live Mail, Live Movie Maker

I won’t be using these products on this laptop so we’ll have to wait until I get on my Home machines for that..

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GTD MK III – The final piece….

The final piece of my Stationery fix for my GTD arrived yesterday… The Rhodia Meeting Book..

Now I can use this for both meetings and concept planning. I got in in A4 so that I wouldn’t be cramped for room. I love the Action column on the right side of the page so I can separate the Action items from the rest of the notes. While I had though of keeping my note-taking electronic and using my laptop or Netbook, I realised that my typing is not anywhere near fast enough or is it even close to being accurate enough….

IMAGE_223 So now I have everything set…. Diary, Notepads and the Meeting Book.  My Pen is still just a Bic e.3 – a combo Pen, Pencil (using 2B) and Stylus. I don’t see any real need to move away from that at this stage… cheap, reliable and it fits well in my hand.

Now comes the two hardest bits… the clean-out… My Pack-rat habits have been formed over a looong time and have unfortunately been reinforced by saving my butt a couple of times. time to get critical in my review on what needs to be tossed and what needs to be filed…

IMAGE_224the other difficult one is maintaining the process. A bit like my attempts to move from look-typing to touch-typing… It needs dedication to the process and the ease and speed will come. I just hope it is a lot more successful than my typing transition.

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GTD Mk II – new diary

IMAGE_212So as part of my re-organisation of my processes to a more GTD-friendly setup, I have already got my diary for next year …

This year, I went for a quality diary rather than something newsagent special. last year, I didn’t go with a diary, looking to keep it all electronic. however, the theory was much better than the practical. While everything was synchronising well, too much was still popping up where I couldn’t get Internet access or didn’t have the right device with me… Sure I could have bought one but a $36 diary is a better than a $1200 phone (in this case anyway…). The electronic Vs paper Diary battle may continue all next year anyway…

I ordered the Rhodia 2010 Diary from Ink2pen and it arrived just 2 business days later. It has fantastic 90gsm pages and a Week to a View with the 5×5 graph on the facing page….



IMAGE_216This allows me to throw in the weeks appointments as well as jot down any relevant thoughts and ideas on the facing page and link the two so that info isn’t lost or forgotten ( a frequent problem of mine). Not only that, it has perforated corners that can be torn out for each week so you can always open to the right week.

The cover is vinyl and the Standard Orange with an embossed logo and an orange elastic for holding it closed. Surprisingly, it isn’t a standard A5 size. When I put it next to my No. 16 Pad, you can clearly see the size difference.


I can definitely recommend this Diary for the aficionados of fine stationery looking for a new diary for 2010. You can get it from Here


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My GTD Setup slo-o-owly taking form….

IMAGE_208I am slowly getting it together with implementing a GTD system that works for me…. The increased amount of inputs during our Infrastructure Virtualisation Project as well as an Office 2010 upgrade that rendered my previous email inbox management next to useless has finally ushered in the inevitable. Having an expert GTDer start working with us certainly helps (although his palm slaps to the forehead  while willing us forward won’t be helping).

My desk is (relatively) tidy from what it was and now I have my latest wepaons in the battle against overload – My Rhodia NotePads.

I purchased numbers 11, 13 and 16. That is an A5, A6 and A7 for the un-initiated. I had planned to order them online at NoteMaker or even had fancied the possibility of ordering them Yoda-Style. Last night I was idly wandering through Borders in Chermside Shopping Centre and sure enough, a brief flash of Orange grabs the corner of my eye.

IMAGE_209 Sure enough, just the very notepads I was looking for… and for a very competitive price. I was surprised, I didn’t realise that Borders Australia was a supplier so I’m sure glad they are. The only other one that I had considered was the A5 meeting pad. I can just rule some lines in my Number 16 so that one will do…

So now I have the 16 for my meetings and to have on my desk, my Number 13 to have in my bag and my Number 11 to carry around with me..

Next up in my GTD plans is to re-do my Mailbox and then adapt Office 2010 views to facilitate my Inbox processing. Whether or not I can get to Inx Zero remains to be seen..

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