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More on Locked files in VMware vCenter and ESX

Back in February, I posted a story on Fixing Invalid VM’s in VMware vCenter and ESX and it became one of my two most popular stories and still remains so even after 12 months. Now, I can bring you some … Continue reading

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Updating your WSUS for Windows 8 & Windows Server 2012

So Microsoft have released the Update for WSUS 3.0 SP2 (KB2734608) that allows it to be able to recognise Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Operating Systems and download the appropriate updates. Here are the steps I completed to ensure … Continue reading

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Windows 8 – The New Schrodinger’s Cat?

There have been many questions about whether or not to upgrade to Window 8 or to keep working on Windows 7. I had read so many articles about how Windows 8 would be great and others stating it would be … Continue reading

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Fixing Invalid VM’s in VMWare vCenter & ESX

  We’ve had a Virtual Machine showing up in vCenter Server as Invalid (and greyed out) for a few days now. Ordinarily, I would have had a go at fixing it straight away but is is an archive server that … Continue reading

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WHS 2011 & Covecube StableBit Extender

In this next part of my WHS 2011 testing, i have used Stablebit Extender v1.0.0.718 Beta by Covecube. This software aims to recreate the functionalities of DE that was removed in WHS2011. There is an article written on their blog … Continue reading

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WHS 2011 – Upgrade or Not?

This is a tough question and one I have wrestled with ever since THAT day, that fateful day that Microsoft announced that DE was no longer going to be a part of Windows Home Server 2011 (or Vail, as it … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Cloud – How I Learned to Love the CSV

This last couple of weeks, I have been assigned what seems to be a relatively simple project – get our Member’s Database into Turns out we have had a Salesforce Professional Subscription for the better part of a year … Continue reading

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