From Spaces to WordPress

Well, I decided to make the jump sooner rather than later and moved my blog from Windows Live Spaces over to

The wizard process was quite painless and everything migrated just right. The post dates remained intact, all the comment (including the ton of Comment spam – they never did get a handle on that…) and cleaned and tidied it up.

the only trouble I had was switching my Windows Live Writer 2011 Beta to see the new Blog. It’d pick up all the details but error out when adding the XMLRPC point. Turns out it was as simple as manually adding the Proxy settings to WLW. I’m not sure if that is due to TMG, WLW or perhaps even the IE9 influence here… needless to say, if you are reading this post, it worked…

Now all that remains is some minor adjestments in design and most importantly, more content. I must say that I have fallen a bit by the wayside, having posted mostly through Twitter (@BigChaps) but try to post articles with problems/solutions that others might be looking for to provide some help.

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  1. Welcome to 🙂

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