GTD MK III – The final piece….

The final piece of my Stationery fix for my GTD arrived yesterday… The Rhodia Meeting Book..

Now I can use this for both meetings and concept planning. I got in in A4 so that I wouldn’t be cramped for room. I love the Action column on the right side of the page so I can separate the Action items from the rest of the notes. While I had though of keeping my note-taking electronic and using my laptop or Netbook, I realised that my typing is not anywhere near fast enough or is it even close to being accurate enough….

IMAGE_223 So now I have everything set…. Diary, Notepads and the Meeting Book.  My Pen is still just a Bic e.3 – a combo Pen, Pencil (using 2B) and Stylus. I don’t see any real need to move away from that at this stage… cheap, reliable and it fits well in my hand.

Now comes the two hardest bits… the clean-out… My Pack-rat habits have been formed over a looong time and have unfortunately been reinforced by saving my butt a couple of times. time to get critical in my review on what needs to be tossed and what needs to be filed…

IMAGE_224the other difficult one is maintaining the process. A bit like my attempts to move from look-typing to touch-typing… It needs dedication to the process and the ease and speed will come. I just hope it is a lot more successful than my typing transition.

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