GTD Mk II – new diary

IMAGE_212So as part of my re-organisation of my processes to a more GTD-friendly setup, I have already got my diary for next year …

This year, I went for a quality diary rather than something newsagent special. last year, I didn’t go with a diary, looking to keep it all electronic. however, the theory was much better than the practical. While everything was synchronising well, too much was still popping up where I couldn’t get Internet access or didn’t have the right device with me… Sure I could have bought one but a $36 diary is a better than a $1200 phone (in this case anyway…). The electronic Vs paper Diary battle may continue all next year anyway…

I ordered the Rhodia 2010 Diary from Ink2pen and it arrived just 2 business days later. It has fantastic 90gsm pages and a Week to a View with the 5×5 graph on the facing page….



IMAGE_216This allows me to throw in the weeks appointments as well as jot down any relevant thoughts and ideas on the facing page and link the two so that info isn’t lost or forgotten ( a frequent problem of mine). Not only that, it has perforated corners that can be torn out for each week so you can always open to the right week.

The cover is vinyl and the Standard Orange with an embossed logo and an orange elastic for holding it closed. Surprisingly, it isn’t a standard A5 size. When I put it next to my No. 16 Pad, you can clearly see the size difference.


I can definitely recommend this Diary for the aficionados of fine stationery looking for a new diary for 2010. You can get it from Here


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