My GTD Setup slo-o-owly taking form….

IMAGE_208I am slowly getting it together with implementing a GTD system that works for me…. The increased amount of inputs during our Infrastructure Virtualisation Project as well as an Office 2010 upgrade that rendered my previous email inbox management next to useless has finally ushered in the inevitable. Having an expert GTDer start working with us certainly helps (although his palm slaps to the forehead  while willing us forward won’t be helping).

My desk is (relatively) tidy from what it was and now I have my latest wepaons in the battle against overload – My Rhodia NotePads.

I purchased numbers 11, 13 and 16. That is an A5, A6 and A7 for the un-initiated. I had planned to order them online at NoteMaker or even had fancied the possibility of ordering them Yoda-Style. Last night I was idly wandering through Borders in Chermside Shopping Centre and sure enough, a brief flash of Orange grabs the corner of my eye.

IMAGE_209 Sure enough, just the very notepads I was looking for… and for a very competitive price. I was surprised, I didn’t realise that Borders Australia was a supplier so I’m sure glad they are. The only other one that I had considered was the A5 meeting pad. I can just rule some lines in my Number 16 so that one will do…

So now I have the 16 for my meetings and to have on my desk, my Number 13 to have in my bag and my Number 11 to carry around with me..

Next up in my GTD plans is to re-do my Mailbox and then adapt Office 2010 views to facilitate my Inbox processing. Whether or not I can get to Inx Zero remains to be seen..

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