TechEd Australia 2009 – Day 3

Last day of the conference, got up all stiff and store… Been some time since I was able to drink a bunch of beers and run around like a kid shooting things in the dark. Back into it though, once more into the breach.
  • Direct Access – Heavy going for first session after the big party. However, it was a great session, lots of tech detail on what is required for Direct Access. Lot of talk about IPv6 and the IPSec requirements. It’ll be a hard sell but i think the incremental approach will be best. Definitely more reading required for this one…
  • OCS R2 Conferencing – A good session for going into details about using OCS to replace the use of ACP for in-dial conferencing. Some interesting figures on costs, especially if you have already deployed. Case studies showed a 308% return in 7 months for 500 user deployments
  • Windows 7 After Hours – I knew this one was gonna be good because I know Dugie’s passion for all things Media Center and all things Windows 7, I was surprised, yet not so surprised at how little Windows 7 and Windows Home Server had, even in a room full of geeks. Excellent display of Play To, Homegroups, Media Center, Xbox Extender and most importantly, the Arcade Machine. Awesome session
  • Mobility Smackdown! – What can you say about the Smackdown. It is a one-of-a-kind session. Cool demos using phones, demos that somethimes even work. Hi-energy stuff with contests for phones, Xbox, headsets and all manner of stuff. Not only that, there was tons of swag being thrown about every which way… They are a great way to finish off the sessions.
  • LockNote – Featured a presentation and demo from Microsoft Research. Talking at a million miles an hour, he touched on many things about MS research and some of the things they are looking at. The future vision videos were shown and then we saw some of the MS Surface development path that moved froma bloke that was sick of carrying around chess pieces (which is where it all started from) all the way to doing stuff on the Surface as well as display a secondary projection on a cylindrical block place on the top. This is just the start of some of the concepts in those videos that I posted about back here. Very interesting stuff. Nick Hodge made a brief appearance to talk about all the Netbooks and to let us know where the Netbooks that were returned are going. They will be going to charity to be re-distributed to those in need, like the Victorian Bushfire victims.
and that was it…. We’d already checked out and the girls happened to be nearby so I was gone pretty quick afterwards. Funnily enough, my Phone stayed connected to the TechEd Wireless well into Carrara as we left. We were almost to the Pacific Highway before it dropped away. I guess the boys did a great job on that.
Next TechEd will be on the Gold Coast again, 24 – 27 August 2010. I’d expect that there will be more Exchange 2010, Office 2010 and plenty more to see. Make sure you plan ahead to get there… You can pre-register here to be notified about the event.
Thanks to all who made this event run so smoothly and to the people that made it such a great time…
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