TechEd Australia 2009 – Pre-Conference

Arrived on Tuesday evening on the sunny Gold Coast – all freshly washed from previous days thunderstorm – and headed straight into registration, barcode at the ready. A quick sidetrip to pick up the goody bag, a sling bag with all the paperwork and coupons, and then on to the heavenly gates to pick up my new HP Mini-Note 2140 with Windows 7 Ultimate (and Office 2010). Once picked it up, I took itupsatirs to power on, go through the OOBE and enjoy the love…..
I powered up successfully and did my usual little customisations. Wallpaper ( Halo Legends Poster) and use the Windows 7 LogonUIChanger program to set my Logon page to different screen ( I have to differentiate from the other 2499 laptops about.
Laptop powered on, logged on and connected to the wireless network and all good… Retired to the hotel for a quick dump of gear and attended the Welcome party. I grabbed a few beers and wandered the Tech Expo, grabbing swag where I could. The Xbox stand was pumping with Forza 2 AND Forza 3 playing. It is amazing the work they have done when you can see them side-to-side.
It all sets up for an exciting day tomorrow….
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