Teched Australia 2009 – Day 1

Early start, say goodbye to the family who are taking advantage of 21st floor apartment on the Gold Coast and headed over to get started.
Keynote: The keynote this year was a mix on different themes this year, segments on Windows 7, Office 2010 and some strange dude in an “I’m a PC” strip show….
  • Exchange 2010 – I went to 3 sessions on Exchange 2010, covering Introduction, Architecture and High Availability. There are some massive improvements in Exchange 2010. The High availability options will make a big difference in how Exchange is configured, used and backed up. I am excited about the opportunities that this could add to our site, especially if we start to add Exchange Online functionality as well. I’d recommend it to any existing or prospective Exchange Admins
  • Office 2010 – I went to the Office 2010 preview sessions. This session had 600 sign-ups and seats for 200… They’re looking to re-schedule another already. This was a great session showing many new features across Outlook, Word, Excel,PowerPoint and a few Access bits. I’ve been using Office 2010 Tech preview since the day it was made available and there were things that I hadn’t even touched on. Awesome. this will be another must-have upgrade.
As with any mob of 2500 people with free netbooks and free wireless, there were a few idiots that started using BitTorrent and jammed up the wireless network. These guys were warned (well threatened by MAC Address blocking) and service soon returned to normal. The Swarm on Twitter certainly showed that these idiots were a minority and garnered no support.
Food has been wonderful, a great array of food and plenty of fresh fruit available. Congrats to the Gold Coast Convention Centre for this..
A good number of sessions and looking forward to tomorrow
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