Windows 7 – Two weeks in….

So I have had my Laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate for a couple of weeks now. So, how have I found it in the last couple of weeks? Bear in mind that this is not a test of all the features and functionality, just what I have found in regular usage so far.


Hibernate – It.. just.. works! Now I can have my days worth of music in a single playlist and it starts up where I left off…
Virtual PC – Aero in a Virtual Machine!
  – USB attach capability
  – Copy and paste from Host to VM AND back again works
Taskbar – Completely Awesome! It is changing the way I do work…. for the better
  – Aero Peek Previewing multiple windows on MouseOver is just… just .. WOW!
  – More access to what I need, less access to what I don’t want



Font Files – File Preview (or large Icon View) shows the actual Font


Not So Good

Windows Media Player 12 – How do I show Album Art when it is playing?
  – What happened to Toolbar view?
  – What happened to all the Music views? I liked the Recently Added View, especially when I have about 60Gb of music, nice to be able to see what just got added.
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