Update on Windows 7

Now that the RTM is out and looking all good. I have re-imaged my Laptop and built it with W7 Ulitmate. I did a clean install as there wasn’t anything that I needed to bring across that couldn’t be installed.

before starting however, I did take the precaution of backing up my PC with our Windows Home Server that we run here at work. It is only a Virtual machine running on our ESXi host, more for Proof of Concept than anything. I did a full image which was an overnight process 9due to it being the first backup) and once I came in and got the laptop, there was a full backup image from which I could grab a single file or completely build my laptop if I so desired

The build was bloody quick. I had already prepared a USB boot Image. I did cheat a little and used the BootUSB program to create the Install Disk rather than doing it myself. It took about 15mins to install and another 5 mins to do the post-config setup and I was in… This was the first time that I had actually had the full Aero effects. My Windows 7 RC experience had been on 2 lower-spec laptops at home and also on VM’s here at work. Seeing Aero really broguth home how much improvements have really gone into this interface.

Now I am up and using Office 2010 as well and in conjunctions with Windows 7, it is truly a delight to use. Over the last week or so I have been refining my usual work processes so I can make full use of the simplified interfaces between Windows 7 and Office 2010. The only drawback is the fact that VMware are still to release a version of vSphere Client that will allows me to connect to VCenter Server. Disappointing since we are under way on a migration to vSphere 4.0 right now…

All in all, it has been a great success with no problems with my laptop as yet. I would recommend this upgrade to anyone and everyone… As soon as the renovations are finished and we can unpack all my other home machines (the laptops, the Media Center and the Home Server) I will be doing the others as well…

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