RIP Michael Jackson

Sure, he was a little crazy but considering his upbringing, he never really had a chance for a normal life. now I dunno whether he was “naive and/or innocent” or a rock-spider but one thing I know for sure, he was a tortured soul and one of the finest dancers in the modern era..

I was not a big fan of the man himself, but I did enjoy his music, well his earlier stuff anyway. The last album I had was Black & White. One thing that I was always impressed with was his dancing. I still prefer to remember him for his music and his dance…

RIP Michael, may you finally find what you have been searching for…

this one was always my favourite..


and here is a mashup cut with Fred Astaire. Many call it plagarism, some call it inspiration, Whichever, it still show the talent that he has had…

and to show more of the fred Astaire Micheal Jackson connection..

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