Going full-time with Windows 7

Virtual PC IIVirtual PCSo I have made the leap from Using Vista and testing Windows 7 to using Windows 7 all the time. The delay wasn’t because Windows 7 wasn’t ready, more that I just hadn’t added the extra software required for me to  work day-to-day.

I am currently running Build 7057 and have alos installed Office 2007 as well as Vision and all the associated stuff like Adobe reader, Flash, Silverlight and all that.

I am yet to have any software issues and everything seems to be working wonderfully. Unfortunately, As it is a Virtual PC 2007 VM, I do not have the Aero capabilities enabled on this machine. It is a bit of a pit because that means no Aero Peek and all that but hey, this is a work tool after all…

Build 7057 looks pretty good. While there are all the change that have been well documented, I do like the subtle interface changes that have been added. Control Panel has a newer icon and some of the others seem to have been tidied up nad smoothed out a bit. I will no more as I start to use it more. I had been using Build 7000 for some time and that was very stable, prompting my first use of Windows 7 full-time.

Stay tuned for more…

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