Queensland elections… Enough Already!

Man have we been swamped by advertising for this election. I cannot escape it!! every TV show ad break will have a Labor Ad in it and every show will have at least LNP ad in it. So far I reckon it has been 5:1 ration of Labor to LNP advertising. I wonder where all that money is coming from, considering that Labor is stating that Clive Palmer has “bought the LNP party” after making an as-yet-undisclosed donation. I don’t reckon any politician wants too much investigation into political donations. It is worse now as Labor has now seeped into the MSN advertising and also those annoying admedia ads that pop open the video ad without you even doing a mouse-over… So Online,Print,  Radio, TV advertising. Of course each ad has a different website so they can measure the effectivemess of each ad and tell whether the message is getting across.

The worse thing is that there are only one from each side that actually espouses what the Party is for. There is absolutely no mention of any of the candidates for my local area at all. I had to go to the AEC to find out my local member. The only reason I know the other guy is because Labor complained that an 18 year old cannot represent me… Well, at least I know his name!..

This dumbing-down of the election is a dangerous precedent.. It started with the Kevin07 froth and bubble campaign and now it has spread to this scourge of an advertising blitz… I want to know who my local members are and where they stand on local issues. Who is going to fix the rail crossing that paralyzes my local shops every 15 minutes when a train comes. Who is going to make sure that nothing encroaches on the priceless parklands just around the corner from my place…

All we get are the same old promises from a government that couldn’t manage to build or improve anything during our greatest resources boom and then rack up record debt to build overdue infrastructure upgrades in the bad times… the opposition fares little better, completely marginalised by 11 years of ineffective party strategy and they only stopped fighting ( on the outside) six months ago…

And people wonder why the general population has no faith in the practical application of democracy any more.. One man holds up the possibility for a national Alco-pop tax, another single man holds up the possibility of adding a R18+ rating for Games in Australia. Where is the democracy in that?

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