New Dell Adamo

adamo-onyxDSCN1086How nice is the new Dell Adamo laptop?! I love it.. Of course, I can never afford to buy it. After adding the Australia Tax, it is $3299 for a 2Gb version or $4299 for a 4Gb version (+ Mobile Broadband). No Vista Ultimate version either. The only upgrade is going from 1 year premier service to 2 or 3 years… eek.Aside from the massive price, I’m not really in a position that would need an ultraportable, let alone a stunningly-designed ultraportable. My laptop gets hauled from the car to the lift and then to my desk and back to the car again…Virtual PC So I’m still sticking with my current weapon of choice, the Dell XPS 1530, which is sadly no longer available. It has been replaced by the XPS Studio series now. I’m not sure that it is a big improvement, just a screen size and design change… After all, Mine is still handling my requirements just perfectly, including my running my VM’s as I need them.It will be interesting when the release version of Windows 7 is out as I will change the Host OS to that and be able to boot into my existing VHD images as required… That should make it a little easier to handle..

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