Windows Mobile 6.5 Hexagonal Menu Design

wm65honeycombLong Zheng, from the istartedsomething blog  and regular breaker of Windows news, has taken up the challenge to explain why the new Windows Mobile start menu is made of hexagonal cells.The hexagonal design has been met by derision by many, but Long explains that this design is in fact the best way to maximize the surface area available to touch each icon while at the same time maximizing the number of icons on the screen.  While 9 icons could have been in screen instead of 8 if a grid was used, our fingers are not square-shaped, and accidental finger-presses would be more common.I can see the concept, unlike so many in the comments, and totally agree with Long’s closing line:

So the next time you see something new and shiny from Microsoft, before you dismiss it for a poor clone of an existing product or idea, just remember there might be a possibility, the slightest possibility, that some thought and reasoning is behind the decision.

Read the full blog post at, which includes a more detailed explanation and more graphics.

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