New Windows Mobile and HTC Phones

imageimage Having (just) held off on upgrading my HTC TyTN II to the newer Touch Pro, I am very much glad that I did. At the Mobile World Congress, HTC have revealed the new Touch Pro 2 model that will be available with Windows Mobile 6.5. This phone looks to combine the best bits of each of it’s predecessors and will be my new target phone. Fortunately, it will be eons before it is released in Australia. I just bet that the Conference calling (shown in the picture) won’t be supported on our networks. we barely have PTT here, let alone anything like that…Windows Mobile sure looks to be an improvement, not that it was too difficult to improve on previous version. The screenshots show a number of things that I like already. As long as the speed shown in the official videos here translates to the devices, I think that this will be a great leap forward. Check out the screen shots below.image image image image image image image image Here is a user video showing install and usage with both stylus and finger

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One Response to New Windows Mobile and HTC Phones

  1. club says:

    i have the touch pro from htc it a great phone with win moblie 6.0 the best thibg i have found with htc is tht they can be upgraded to the latest version of win os for moblies, micosoft have a apha version of win moblie ver 7 in the pipe line not much on the net about this tho this nfo came to me via a cantact i know in Microsoft

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