Freeview determined to shaft Australian TV Viewers even further!!

Well, What do you know? The more details that come to light about the Freeview Consortium, The worse it gets for Australia TV viewers. As I mentioned in my previous post about Freeview, they are muddying the waters of the introduction of TV even further.

NoFreeview According to this post on CNET, the Freeview EPG is NOT backwards compatible. So, now that we finally moved from the Dark Ages and actually got an EPG, albeit limited, we decide to effectively take it away. Although, it’s not gone, it will be available for co-branded Freeview equipment. So now it becomes clear, it’s just another grab for more cash…. Force the manufacturers to license the technology and the consumer to pay up yet again to watch, as advertised, a free service.

Who thinks up of this crap.. Is there a smoky boardroom full of Australian Media fatcats that sit around and work out ways to screw the Australian people? on one hand, decry Internet users as pirates because some have the hide to try and access TV programs in the same year that they are released and on the other hand, make sure that every viewer will have to pay some charge to watch their “free” service.

They have ruined any chance for Media Centers to legitimately gain ground (twice), they crippled Tivo, denied Cable as long as possible, buggered watching sport, refuse to produce HD Content and  force the dodgiest programming down our throats and expect us to sit there and take it all in?? I mena, they can’t even keep to the advertised time schedule. That has to be some kind of advertising standards breach isn’t it? Some shows are 20 minutes later than the advertised time. Obviously the Politicians are all taken care of, they do have to advertise after all, and the regulators are funded by government grants

Something to look forward though, apparently the new Freeview advertising will make some of the details clearer as well as advertising the Freeview-branded equipment. Goody, some more marketing hype…

Not that the PayTV is any better. Besides being a joint venture between most of the exisitng media companies anyway, it’s advertising is absolutely shocking.. It advertisies free install and free this and that but never mentions the price and touts the contract as a benefit.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you that after the first month, you choose your plan, and if you want anything approaching quality TV, Movies AND sport, You are you will pay through the arse for it… Not only that, you can’t use a Media Center with an EPG to record that TV either… but you can pay more to have a PVR installed to do exactly what your Media Center does now? Where are the CableCards in this country?


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Anyway, My Media Center is working great… and it has access to all the current shows and many others that never saw the light of day here, like Firefly and Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and many more. I can also watch them in order without having repeat episodes substituted in the middle.  Thanks for nothing, Australian Media

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