2008 best ever for XBox 360 in Australia

Microsoft is celebrating their best year in Australia for the XBox 360:

In Australia alone, the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s high-definition gaming console, has driven more than 4.2 million downloads and 27 million hours on the Xbox LIVE social entertainment network during 2008. 

They go on to quote a number of salient points:

Local facts*

·        500,000 Xbox 360 consoles and 4 million Xbox 360 games sold at retail in Australia to date

·        More than 50 per cent of Aussie Xbox 360 owners are connected to Xbox LIVE

·        Australian Xbox LIVE membership increased by 88 per cent on 2007

·        There are over 17 million members on Xbox LIVE worldwide

·        Australians made 4.2 million downloads from Xbox LIVE in 2008

·        Aussies spent over 27 million hours on Xbox LIVE in 2008

·        Xbox 360 owners have an average of nearly 8 games for their console

·        63 per cent of the 500 games available for Xbox 360 are rated G or PG

·        46 per cent of Australian gamers are female**

* All figures quoted are supplied by GFK except for Xbox LIVE figures
** From Interactive Australia 2009 study by the Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia (IEAA)

So, in the light of these figures, you’d think I’d be a doddle to get some local Xbox Live resources, or at the very least, some Asia-Pacific regional resources to be able to make XBox Live a much better experience rather than getting booted from US games because of the lag…

Not only that, but when we will actually get some REAL Video and TV content for the Video Marketplace. in the US, there are all sorts of TV programs, Movies, Netflix and the like… we get a couple of old advertisements and some 2003 conference videos… Hardly the killer app is it..

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