Gaming gets in some overtime…


Xbox 360

As I mentioned before, I have been catching up on some Xbox gaming… GoW2 and SW:Unleashed were knocked over in the early holidays. After that, I decided to go back and complete some of my unfinished games… So far I have completed

Call of Duty 2 

A launch title that I picked up for $10 on the discount table. Still as much fun as all the CoD series have been. I played it through on a harder level  this time. Although I was halfway through when I realised that I wasn’t on the hardest level.. That’ll be for another time…

Blazing Angels

I was a bit over it by the time I finished this. Flying down the Rhine whilst staying below building height not ideal for a P51 Mustang. Especially trying to use unguided rockets on buildings as well…

Ghost Recon 2 

This was another game that I initially enjoyed but I was over it a bit toward the end… I prefer the run and gun to the stealth tactical style shooter… Still fun to snipe with though. The Modern weapons are what makes this good.

I have now completed all the Single payer campaigns on those games. I am now onto Rainbow Six Vegas, GH3 and Lips.


I have finished these ones…

Red Alert 3

Well, I haven’t quite finished it, I have completed the Soviet Single-player Missions and Done at least half of the Skirmish Maps. I still have the Allied and Japanese Missions to do. This is harder as it requires a bigger investment in time..

Call of Duty: World at War

Of course, I had to do this one… While I was wary of going back to WWII, I needn’t have worried. This was a blast… I loved the missions and the carnage that ensued. I had full settings on and I could see the headless bodies and limb-less torsos flying everywhere (this can be turned off with parental controls) and it looked great. The gameplay was good, the Japanese soldiers were sneaky so you had to tread carefully. i struggled a bit more with the Russian Stages as they were so intense.. All in all , a top game. this is also one I may consider getting ( along with CoD4) for the Xbox as well…

I still have a wealth of unfinished and even unplayed games such as Bioshock that I am yet to start.. I haven’t even broached online gaming yet !! See you out there…



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