Windows 7 Media Center

Now that I have downloaded the Windows 7 beta and updated the Dell Inspiron 1100 that I have lying around at home, I am wondering how it will go with replacing the other Vista Machines in my house.

One of the important ones that I want to check out is the Media Center. My VMC is working really well despite only having a set of rabbit ears for the Tuner and being on a clunky old Dell Precision 380 (functional, not decorative).

As always in Australia, we are getting bent over by the local TV stations who still can’t embrace the free over –the-air EPG (and Pay TV won’t do it at all) for Media Centers so we have (very good) hacked versions that are provided via the community. Of Course, the Power Pack does affect it and therefore I can expect a while before Windows 7 is supported.

However, Niall has posted an article displaying his work in customising the EPG for Australian TV. It looks fantastic. Channel Logos, Subtitling, Rating s etc etc. Things that other countries take for granted. Check out his work here

I am glad to see that not only is the capability there but also that people are getting into it already. Should anyone doubt the reason for beta releases, here is just one example of how it can be good.

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