Getting Back into the Swing of things in 09

Well, My first week back at work is almost complete.. Of course, it has been full on as I expected. the first few days were spent shuffling, sorting deleting and filing the ton of emails that I had received over my break. As my team-mates are off on either holidays or working off-site, i still really don’t have any idea what has been done or what has happened while I have been away…

So far I have worked out that Argent hasn’t worked for at least a week, Backups haven’t occurred for 9 days and that is just the start. One of my monitors is missing and the new one has turned up… There is also a bunch of Server HDD’s that have turned up too… I wonder what that is all about?

My XBox will be glad that I am back at work.. It got a fair smashing over the Christmas break. I added just under a 1000 gamerscore points in about a week. Gears of War 2 and Star Wars: Force Unleashed is complete and now Lips and GH3 are getting a a fair workout too. I also played some of the free Arcade games that I had as well…

Amongst all the Varidel’s that came through our place over the holidays, we did manage some time away at the Montville house. THere is nothing like the escape up there… peace and quiet is an understatement when we are in that house…

Well, It is back to work and to plunge into the New Year and really get things done this year…

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