Gears of War 2

I have been getting right into Gears of War 2. I really did struggle with the first one. I couldn’t shoot straight, Could never get the hang of cover options and just spent more time dying than advancing through. The trouble was that it was competing with Halo 3 for my gaming attention and, well, that was a tall order that it never really could have lives up to.

However, now, I am better, faster and a little more accurate and also spend more time looking for ( and finding) ammo. Mind you it is still competing with Halo 3 on Legendary but this time it seems to be winning. However, there are still a few annoyances which, put simply, give me the shits…

I still everyone in a while get glitches in the cover system. Instead of mantling over cover, I’ll dive out to the side (usually into a hail of enemy fire). More often when I try to dive through the Razorhail , I will end up covering behind a rock in the hail dying in seconds while I try to rise form cover. Dom isn’t that much more helpful, taking cover between me and where I need to be which usually blocks me from moving anywhere but to the floor in a bloody mess.

By far the worse one is when I seem to get stuck next to cover but completely unable to move. Pressing A to take cover only results in Marcus somersaulting on the spot and being completely unable to move otherwise… Fortunately, the Leviathan took care of that situation by reducing Marcus to little fleshy chunks floating on the lake… Considering the patience it takes to kill the leviathan, those kind of glitches really get my goat…

I am still waiting for the day when I game is actually released in a finished form rather than requiring patches, usually within the first month or so…

PS. The Centaur is a really poor substitute for the Warthog….

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