Windows Live Wave 3 is pumping…

Well, It has started anyway… So far I have found it to be not bad. However, I still cannot change any details on my Live Spaces Page. All of a Sudden it is showing Melbourne Weather instead of Brisbane and I cannot change it back. There are a number of things that I have been unable to edit so far. I wanted to remove a few of the headings of a couple of custom HTML module that I have in there yet I canb’t seem to get any settings at all to show up. It may just be that I can’t during the transitin period.

Sure is nice to see 24.5Gb free space for all my photos, that’s for sure. I may be able to empty out my FlickR account after all… I would recommend that you get the live 3 beta products. The Live Wirter program is second to none for writing blog posts… check out your Live home page to get more details

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