Cricket in 2008

IMAGE_121 Well the Cricket season has well and truly started…  We started the season off in style this year with a family trip to the KFC All-Stars Twenty20 Bash. Australia played the All-Stars. As often is the case, we got there a little late and I missed Gilly bat but no matter…

It was a great night and the crowd really does get pumped. It sure was a pity about the result though… Colleen was even getting to enjoy it but Emily wasn’t really into it at all. She has trouble seeing that far so she was always going to struggle. She managed a smile for the camera though and I did happen to have her book in my bag…

Next up was our annual tradition for my Dad and I. First Test at the Gabba, Day 1 in Section 4 (the Northern end). We have been going for the last 4 years so it was great to continue this tradition on. We have the sun for the first hour or two and then we are in the shade for the rest of the time. We did actually forgo the pies this year and had fish and chips for lunch this time though. This is always one of my favourite times that I spend with my time with my Dad. We spent many hours in front of the TV watching cricket but it is always so much more special to be there at the ground and even more so to share it with my Dad.

This Test was just after the 2 Storms in 3 days ( it was actually the day of the 3rd storm in 5 days) that ripped through Brisbane. This meant that due to damage and flooding, it took the bus 90 mins to get to the ground.  Fortunately play had been delayed so we didn’t miss a ball. we could see all the damage to the roof of the grandstand from where we were and it was funny to watch the workers cutting down the sails. Surprisingly enough, they finished well into the last session of play.. Who would have thought.


One of the sails went perilously close to hitting one of the Member’s boxes and then just hung there, completely obliterating their view of the ground. Fortunately the batting wasn’t exactly flash. The highlight was Symonds smashing the ball around all too briefly and getting 8 runs of a single ball (four all run and four overthrows…). It was such a shame that i jinxed both he and Michael Clarke by saying they just needed to not get out. each time they said that, they were out next ball. Sorry Lads…

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