Steve Ballmer Interview on ABC

Oh my God… After reading this post on Duncan Riley’s Blog about this interview I shuddered and clicked on the link to read the transcript. It just got worse from there….

ABC Spelling errors

 ABC Grammatical errors



Aside from the terrible, terrible questions that the woman asked. the transcript has spelling and grammatical mistakes as well.  I think i would’ve been more interested in more articles on the future of Microsoft and their plans for the Internet than half of the crap she babbled on with. Aside from having brought up facts that were completely incorrect, she then finishes off with some stupid questions about seeming “troglodyte.

As if Steve Ballmer is going to weigh in on the issue of the the the shambles that has become the NBN. They didn’t weigh in on the whole issues with the Online TV guide and that was something that crippled (and still does today) the uptake of Windows Media Center by the general public.

I guess this is yet another example of the slipping standards of TV, and to some extent, all journalism these days…  Check out the interview for yourself here



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  1. Greg says:

    Happy Birthday!

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