Matthew Reilly Book Signing

We went to see Matthew Reilly at his book-signing yesterday as part of the Big Book Club promotion tour for Six Sacred Stones. Both Colleen and I love to read Reilly books. We picked up Seven Ancient Wonders (also known as 7 Deadly Wonders for the Yanks) at a Market stall and we were immediately entranced with the writing, the pace (ohmigawd, the pace) of the book and within a month, we had them all and had voraciously read all of them.

Matthew openly admits to the Jack West Jr series (Seven Ancient Wonders, Six Sacred Stones and Five Greatest Warriors) as having been influcenced by Indiana Jones type adventure and this is part of what appeals to me. being of similar age group, a lot of my tastes are heavily influenced by Star Wars and Indiana Jones and these are no different.

I was surprised at his humility, he still seem to retain his Australian way (and accent) as well as his passion, not only for writing, but helping others to find their own path into writing and also reading… It was great to be able to hear how he got some of his ideas for his stories and how he plans to continue them. All in all, we had a great time and we were sooo glad we made it. We also happened to get our copies of Six Sacred Stones and Seven Ancient Wonders signed as well. We thought it would be a bit crass to have the whole lot signed. We even shared a laugh and extracted a promise not to leave us hanging again..

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