The Great Australian Firewall


As our esteemed Leader, Mr “Red” Rudd hurls us closer and closr to be the next Chinese province, the government continues to forge ahead with the great Australian Firewall. details have emerged that the “opt-out” system won’t actually be opting out at all but merely put onto another blocking list. Great… so I want to have a nonPG-13 internet feed and, in the governments eyes, I’ll immediately be lumped in as being a Kiddy-fiddler. I’m sure that the “alternate” list won’t be tracked and my privacy will be left intact… NOT.  This is censorship at its worst. We can have a photographer present pictures of naked 13 year olds as art in a public gallery yet I do not have the same freedoms in the privacy of my own home computer. What is up with that…

Of course, the governemnt is ignoring both the evidence from the trial in Tasmania as well as the hue and cry from the public. The trial showed that the outcomes were far from satisfactory, yet it claimed success. these tests were carried out in a laboratory setup simulating the network of a small ISP. if you look at a summary of the results, it does not bode well

  • Preliminary results from the ACMA study showed that five of the six filters tested degraded Internet throughput
    speeds by between 22 percent and 75percent.
  • Just introducing a filter to the test network — without actively filtering any content — resulted in up to 10 percent
  • Because the study did not distinguish between “inappropriate and innocuous content” appropriately, the
    Department is concerned that the reported outcomes of network degradation may be inflated.
  • It has now emerged that the test network may have been operating at an “artificially constrained” traffic
    rate approximately half the speed of a dial-up modem based on a list of 4000 sites.
  • None of the products could effectively filter instant messaging, streaming video, peer-to-peer file sharing like BitTorrent, newsgroups or newly-invented Internet protocols except by blocking them entirely. Let’s count them again. None.

Electronic Frontiers Australia have written a article on how ineffective the blocking will be and is definitely worth reading..

The thing is, if kids want to find objectionable content, they will find it in some form or another… far better to supervise and educate you children. My daughter surfs the Internet. She has her favourite sites that she goes to and and if she wants to go elsewhere, we do it together to check things out. We also use the safe search setting on both Google and Live Search and I have the Parental Controls within Vista are set on as well, although it only records, if I ever feel that I need to go the next step, there are always the Vista Parental controls.

Now is the time to voice your discontent to you federal MP and make sure that the Government knows how we, the general public, feel about these proposals. If all else fails, whoever says that they’ll abolish this system at the next election will get my vote..

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