Whatever happened to the Windows Live Library?

While reading through the articles on Live Wave 3 products ( which I am using, including writing this now..) and it got me to thinking, whatever happened to the rumoured Windows Live Library? As you can see on the below, it must have been a concept at some time (or a bloody good Photoshop..)

So, what happened???

As someone who has collected gigabytes of eBooks over the years, something to organise them would be fantastic. we can see from the pic that there are Tags and Categories available. It could easily link to sources such as Amazon for Cover Images (like so many MP3 taggers do).

Of course there are plenty of things to consider.


I currently have MS Reader (.lit), PDF, Text, RTF, HTML eBooks residing in my Library. Many of them all have different formatting within those formats again. I would need some kind of conversion tool to be able to import them as well.


The thought of it makes me shiver… but until the publishing houses are torn away from their Guttenberg’s and dragged into the 21st Century It’ll be here to stay

Multiple Devices

I have a Desktop, a Laptop and a Windows Mobile Phone. My wife has a laptop, Windows Mobile PDA and a Nokia Phone. My daughter has a desktop, a Laptop and may end up with the PDA and there is the Media Center, the XBox360, Windows Home server. How do I manage my Library across all these devices and do I want to have them on all screens?

So will Live Wave 4 finally get Windows Live Library resurrected. Lets start lobbying now…

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