What’s up with Online Banking in Australia?

IMAGE_037I was reading an article this morning that was a comparison of the online finance management offerings of Mint and Quicken Online  when I got to thinking. Why is it that the  Australian banks have been so slow to add the kind of online functionality that are readily available overseas. Things like the ability to have software import my statements automatically (CSV files are sooo last century!) and regular account transactions and balances communicated to me via email, text or any method of my choosing… Sure, ANZ has added iPhone banking but that would only cover a small percentage of their customers wouldn’t it. better to create a 320×240-optimised online banking portal than to just limit it to an iPhone app. Alternatively, develop a Windows Mobile, Symbian and  Blackberry versions as well.

While on the topic, what happened to Personal finance Desktop Applications? I mean, Surely people aren’t using MYOB to manage personal finances are they. I know that Quicken still makes a personal version (for $100 a pop – phew!!) but what else is there? IS that because there is no integration with financial institutions or is everyone else still just using Excel? I’m the first to say that my budgeting skills are quite woeful and I really could deal with some decent software that is suitable for the Australian market to get me back on track. Perhaps I should add that to the Ideas list.

To all my readers (yes, both of you), feel free to share your financial tools…

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