IT Manager’s Laptop refuses all logons

Nothing ruins your day like problems with your Manager’s Laptop. When it was my turn to suffer through this, my Manager could not log into his Dell D630 Laptop. Sure enough, when i tested it out, it didn’t accept any local or domain password always bring up the same response – Unknown username or bad password. Now I checked the passwords and even two-finger-typed to ensure the passwords were entered in correctly. Still no success….

A quick Windows Live Search later and I cam across this article. Lo and Behold this described exactly the issue I was having… I followed the steps he described, listed below, and I was able to log in…

  1. Press your Windows Key and type "Embassy Security Center" and press Enter (if you don’t have this application, you probably have a different issue going on.)
  2. Click on Windows Logon
  3. Uncheck Enable Secure Windows Logon
  4. Click Apply and close Embassy Security Center

We were able to log in… Of course, this only enabled us to gt in, it didn’t solve the issue with the fingerprint scanning. I logged a call to Dell and I received an email with the following steps to repair the issue.

  1. Update the BIOS and the chipset first.
  2. Then remove all finger print profiles that are saved under particular windows profile.
  3. Then insert the Wave ESC CD into the CD drive.(I downloaded it from the Dell site)  If setup does not automatically start, navigate to setup.exe and double-click the file. Once reinstallation is done, click this link to re-setup the bios settings on Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and ETS under Security Management Software.

This certainly fixed the issue and enabled my manager to log in via his fingerprint.. Crisis averted

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