New ringtones…

well, I finally found the ringtone I have been looking for…  not only that, I had to “fix” it myself so it is pretty rough and ready.

It is the Theme Music for Battlefield 1942. I always thought of it as a flashback but it was only 6 years since the game was released. Seems an eternity ago now. Anyway, i shortened it, don’t need the entire 4 minute clip for a ringtone so i trimmed it down to around 25 Seconds. It was actually a bit of a hack-job in Adobe Soundbooth, the first time I used it.

Now every time the phone rings, I get a flashback to the hours I spent playing Battlefield 1942. This adds to my other ringtones in use on my HTC TYTN II. The Transform Sound from transformers sounds when I slide out the Keyboard. What a pity no-one from around my work has picked it… Feel free to help yourself to these ringtones

I also have the two versions of the TV Themes from Stingers, the Aussie TV show about undercover cops. I always loved hearing that. I was sooo disappointed when they canned that show…

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