OMG, Windows Vista Ultimate Extras

Wow, we actually have some movement on the Windows Vista Ultimate Extras. A few DreamScene videos and a new game. Well, the DreamScene Videos are just three versions of the same one with different colour filter. meh…image

The new Game is Microsoft Tinker. It is a puzzle game guiding a little robot around a sqaure maze with different obstacles around it. So far, I have just whipped through a few tutorial Levels and I think I’m getting the Hang of it. It was nice for them to not only map the controls to a keypad but also to an XBox controller as well… You know, just in case. if I could ever find a Xbox Wireless Connector for Windows available for sale in Austrralia, I’d get one…

I guess this game is Ok, There seems to be some work put into with with details and stuff. I guess Puzzle games just aren’t my bag, baby… My Wife might like it though… It is a pity that after all this time, this is what we get… How about some useful tools or programs that aren’t just for play..


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