TechEd 2008 Flashback II

This year, i went completely digital with my note-taking at each of the sessions… no more scraps of paper and scribbles which I can’t decipher or find the relevant info on later…

This year, I used OneNote..( and I wasn’t the only one..). I set up a TechEd 2008 Notebook, Set up separate sections for each Stream and then listed the notes on a new page for each session. This was so much more efficient than pencil and paper…


This makes it a lot simpler for me when I got back home and I was actually able to make sense of it all. Not only that, it is all searchable too.. of course, this all relied on using my laptop. The only problem occurred if I didn’t stop at one of the Charging station during lunch hour. I would then get through one arvo session but not both.. What to do then…

Windows Mobile to the rescue.

imageyes, My TyTN II has OneNote Mobile installed and I was able to quickly make notes using the Slide-Out keyboard.  Once I had made all the notes for the session and I went back to a power Source for the Laptop, I just synchronised via Bluetooth ( and it actually works) and then my Notes were in OneNote. This means that all my notes remained electronic, searchable, able to be backed up and also ready to be fleshed out into a report so I can prove how important it is for me to go next year !!


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