TechEd 2008 – Day 3

Firstly, a shoutout to the folks at DK Blue – props for allowing me to swap my cap from one that was grey (although it looked brown when viewed in artificial light inside) for a blue one. i just don’t have an outfit that i could use a grey cap with.



This clarified Microsoft Search Server Express – MSS(X) – for me. I had implemented it in test but not really been able to grasp wha extra it brougght to the table.. now i know. It is EXACTLY the sam, in functionality, as Microsoft Searc Server. The only difference is that you can only have a single server.


This was a great session by the lovely Trika. She was a delight after all the (relatively) strait-laced techo presenters I’ve had so far. She was surprised to know that we all knew that there is no MCSE for 2008. Yes, for those in came in late, there is NO MSCE path for Windows 2008. It is now made up of MCTS and MCITP levels. check out Microsoft Learning for more info.

I guess I should update my Exchange 5.5 and SMS 2.0 Certifications… How full-on would the Microsoft Certified Masters be? Three weeks in Redmond living, studying and then finishing up with the Lab. God only knows what the Lab would be like…. All that for around $18K… wow… I might just settle for a MCTS or even a MCITP


Dan.. this was so packed that i couldn’t get in… blast… So i went to the MS Exchange and OCS booth instead and chatted about how to implement our own setup. So i got as much info that was directly related us. This is the benefit of this conference.

CLosing Party

Well, this was to be the big bang of the celebrations and stuff… Hmmmm.. not sure about that. It wasn’t helped that I didn’t really know anoyone there so I was kinda stuck. They had a stage where some circus performers came out every once in a while.  Tommy’s place was a stagge that Had Comedian Tommy Deans doing a couple fo shows. As a US expat living in Australia, he had a great insight into alot of things and had the crowd laughing hard…. there were also a bunch of Sideshow Alley style sstalls where people could play the clowns, Ball toss and a few others… meh. of course the Xboxes were there but no 2 palyer, no system link except for the standard PGR4 stand that was there. The Pinball machines, cocktail games table and the arcade cabinets were back and all running free… This is where i spent most of the time..

Nothing  like a bunch oof old computer geeks reminiscing about beer, gaming and the good old days to break Ice and pass the night. I played World Cup Soccer, Star Trek, Batman forever, Star Wars and my favourite, Doctor Who… We set up four player games so everyone could have a go… this was sweet.

But, everywhere i went, i heard people talking about last year this, last year that and there seems to be a general air of disgruntledness…. Hey, I’m just happy to be there with free beer and free pinnies (even if it does rob you of th elation of a getting a Match) but a lot of people were comparing to last year at Movieworld…

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