AFL Elimination Final 1 – Adelaide Vs Collingwood

So, September has arrived and Finals Footy is in the Air. Due to our meek capitulation last week, we had to travel to Adelaide for this game. I was a little worries with no Burns and of course no Dids and Heath Shaw either… I missed the first 10 minutes so I missed the early Collingwood onslaught. So, for the rest of the quarter and the 2nd Quarter, I watched Adelaide play out of their skins to take a half-time lead. The girls had already disappeared downstairs out of voice range while i raged at the shocking umpiring that was all favouring the home team. it seemed that any 50-50 contest was whistled the way of the Home side…

So onto the third quarter, the so-called premiership quarter.. Collingwood up the pressure, the tackling and the tempo… next thing you know we are slotting through the goals and the boys are running free through the middle. The Centre clearances where going heavily our way and we even got a free kick or two… the final quarter starts off with a a couple of Adelaide goals but Collingwood snuff out the revival and then finish up raining goals from all over the 50. John Anthony continues his remarkable accuracy (something like 23-3) and we triumph by 31 points… not only that but the Saints were humiliated by Geelong and will be demoralised by a massive spanking… bring on next week at the G!!

Match Results

Saturday, September 6, 2008
Football Park, 2.30pm AEST; crowd: 37,685
Conditions: Good
Weather: 22C, fine, warm and sunny


1/4 time

1/2 time

3/4 time




9.6-60 (12)




4.3-27 (13)


14.9-93 (20)

19.11-125 (31)

Goals: Collingwood: Chris Dawes 3, John Anthony 3, Dane Swan 2, Nick Maxwell 2, Shannon Cox, Leon Davis, Josh Fraser, Travis Cloke, Rhyce Shaw, Tarkyn Lockyer, Dale Thomas, Martin Clarke, Paul Medhurst. Adelaide: Scott Stevens 6.1, Andrew McLeod 2, Tyson Edwards, Graham Johncock, David Mackay, Ivan Maric, Nigel Bassett, Nick Gill.
Best: Collingwood: Dane Swan, Dale Thomas, Martin Clarke, Leon Davis, Josh Fraser, Chris Dawes, Shane O’Bree, John Anthony, Scott Pendlebury. Adelaide: Scott Stevens, Kris Massie, Andrew McLeod, Michael Doughty, Robert Shirley, Tyson Edwards, Graham Johncock.
Umpires: Mathew James, Matt Stevic, Scott McLaren.


Match Comments

  • DENIS COMETTI noted on 3AW: this was the first back-to-back interstate games for Collingwood in 14 years – last time was in 1994, R14 against the Bears at the Gabba and R15 versus Sydney at the SCG
  • the Crows kicked 7.4-46 – their best Q2 of the season
  • the top Q3 for the Pies equalled the 7.3-45 of R11 versus Melbourne
  • Collingwood had 13 goalkickers for the game – the 6th time its happened this season and the 3rd time by the Magpies  – see Goalkickers, most, and the biggest
  • Collingwood have beaten Adelaide seven out 13 meetings at Footy Park
  • no other new match records were noted in the 29th meeting of the pair
  • 50th CHRIS KNIGHTS (Adelaide, 2005-08) …
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