TechEd 2008 – Day 2

So, now it REALLY Begins


these are the observations i made on the Keynote

  • Parkour Demo. nothing like making a bunch of IT pros and Devs feel old and fat by having a bunch of kids doing exercise
  • Live Mesh on Windows Mobile: Would be nice if we had nice big data plans… still Ok if you use a wireless device 
  • Software + Services: This was the focus of the presentation and it covered some of the things that are happening.
  • Not exactly Steve Ballmers “developers, developers, developers….” speech but interesting enough.


Optimised Desktops

this just talked about the various levels of optimising desktops with both Virtual Apps and Virtual desktops included. some of the areas of topic where as below

  • AppV
  • VDI
  • Remote App ( WS08 TS)


this session was about engaging your users to be able to accomplish things that would get them interested in SharePoint. It was good to see some simple ways that I can enable users to want to comeback so it doesn’t become a wasteleand

Unified Comms

this is something that I really want to implement. It was a great session from Eileen Brown. We actually connected up live to two of her staff back in the UK as well as connecting up this guy in Minnesota and having a cvideo conference. This also involved the Roundtable camera as well and is was fascinating to see it show on scree as Eileen was walking around the camera, all the while tracking her voice.

She also demonstrated the Exchange 2007 UM component by calling her office and using the voice prompts to deal with Email, Calendar and Voicemail. All very sweet. Even funnier when the ambient noise and speakerphone combined to confuse the voice prompts somewhat.

I also did a couple of other sessions that were SharePoint and UC related that went itno more detail on the topics above

Ask the Experts Evening

Well, i had planned to ask about some stuff and catch up… Alas, i got stuck onto the XBox and ripped through some more Ninja Gaiden 2 and Battlefield 2 Bad Company. Damn… so far, i have entered about 3 or 4 competitions to win an XBox so fingers crossed…

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