Tech.Ed Day 1 – Impressions

Here I am in Sydney for Tech.ed 2008. Weather is great, I’m on the company Coin, Earning AND Learning as they say..

Registration was straightforward and I picked up my fancy new Laptop Backpack. Always funny in the morning seeing the pilgrimage towards the convention centre with lots of people all with the same bag heading in.. I don’t know how Mrs Chaps is going to feel about me having another laptop bag, might be time for a cleanup perhaps.

we had the Welcome Party in the evening, it got the whole thing going.. especially the banks of retro pinball and table-top gaming. They had Space Invaders, Galaga, Pacman, and all the classic Pinballs that i remember feeding my coins into… Plenty of XBoxes around. I had a go at ProStreet, Battlefield Bad Company and Ninja Gaiden 2 I had never been one for Ninja games but this game rocks..severed limbs with matching bloodspray, Wall running, and lots of cool stuff. this wasn’t one the radar but i may have to pick it up. Will definitely be using the parental controls for that one though.

A big crowd has gathered around the Microsoft Surface Table for most of the might. So far, every time i go past, people are resizing photos, spinning them around and all that stuff. niiice.

And so we reach he end of Day one…

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