AFL Round 20 – Collingwood Vs Port Adelaide

This was another game that everyone would have pencilled in for collingwood. trouble is that we have a habit of losing these ones. Of course I didn’t get to see this one, there were endless repeats of swimming on combined with the inane rambling of such “talent” as Johanna Griggs ( QUOTE – “the older of the two twins…”)

Fortunately, the boys were able to get up with a strong display, winning all four quarters to win by five goals. unfortunately, Adelaide, Sydney, St Kild and Brisbane all won too. This means we still hold down 7th spot on percentage. this is gonna come down to the wire, especially next week when we paly Sydney. The good news is that I will be there for that game…

Match Results

Friday (n), August 15, 2008
Football Park, 8.10pm AEST, crowd: 23,694
Conditions: Fair to good despite mid-week rain; Rain in Q2
Weather: 9C, cold; nearby shower activity
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
PA 4.4-28 8.5-53 10.12-72 10.15-75
COL 5.3-33 (5) 9.6-60 (7) 13.7-85 (13) 16.10-106 (31)
Goals: Collingwood: Travis Cloke 4, Dane Swan 3, John Anthony 2, Josh Fraser, Martin Clarke, Dale Thomas, Ryan Cook, Nick Maxwell, Leon Davis, John McCarthy. Port: Brett Ebert 2, Toby Thurstans 2, Domenic Cassisi, Jacob Surjan, Robbie Gray, Matthew Westhoff, Danyle Pearce, Kane Cornes.
Best: Collingwood: Leon Davis, Travis Cloke, Tarkyn Lockyer, Shane O’Bree, Martin Clarke, Scott Pendlebury, Nick Maxwell, Ryan Cook, Scott Burns. Port: Shaun Burgoyne, Travis Boak, Domenic Cassisi, Robbie Gray, Tom Logan, Brendon Lade.
Umpires: Matt Stevic, Scott McLaren, Scott Wenn.

Match Comments

  • Michael Rogers notes the Magpies won all 4 quarters for the 5th time this season – equalling their previous best of 1901, 1971 and 1991
  • Collingwood have recorded their second highest home and away season attendance and need just 59,889 more to break their club record of 1,226,604 set in 2007
  • Collingwood’s run of 71 consecutive attendances of over 30,000 since 2005-R19 ended on Friday night. Port Adelaide’s crowd of 23,694 at Football Park was the second lowest for a Collingwood match in Adelaide; the lowest being 22,691, also against Port Adelaide, round 13, 2000. In Melbourne the lowest attendance for a Port v the ‘Woods’ fixture was 27,226, round 21, 2004
  • Kathryn Michaelsen suggests – Port Adelaide really should employ a graphic artist … while the club cannot draw a crowd – at least they will have somebody who can sketch one.
  • 250th SHANE WAKELIN, 155 Col 2001-08, 94 StK 1994-2000
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