Windows loses only %2.54 despite extensive Vista Sucks campaign

According to Net Applications, the market share of Windows dropped from 93.34% in June 2007 to 90.89% in June 2008, representing a difference of 2.45%. Mac gained 1.91% in the same time period and now has a market share of 7.94%. Linux’s market share is 0.8%, which corresponds to a difference of 0.37%. According to the headlines of some news sites, the situation seems to be much more dramatic. Apple’s improvement corresponds to a growth of 32%, certainly a respectable success for Apple. Of course if Apple maintain its groeth rate, they should have %20 in 2014… provided they can maintain it… They didn’t maintain the rage after the Mac IIe real well did they?

Considering the hype and blanket coverage of the whole “Vista Sucks” campaign, most by people who have never even touched a Vista machine, a small loss of 2.45% is quite amazing. The fact that Apple is now only up to less than %8 even though so many people have raved that the MacOSX operating system is soooo much better shows that Apple continues to be Style over Substance.

This is also the reason why I still shy away from the whole Apple experience. In my opinion, there is not an apple product that i would use that isn’t inferior in some way to what i Use. I have my Dell XPS 1530 Laptop running Vista, a homebrew desktop at home for gaming, a Vista Media Center PC, a XBox 360, a HTC TyTN II and an iRiver Clix MP3 Player and each of those is far better for me than any Apple equivalent.

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