AFL Round 14 – Sydney Vs Collingwood

Woohooo Collingwood goes up again… Seems like we win the TV games and lose the other ones. This makes it much better for me anyway… Collingwood sure seem to have the wood on the Swannies, making it four from the last four meetings. Makes it tough for Colleen because she is a Sydney supporter (of sorts)… Glad to see that our woeful accuracy didn’t end up costing us in the long run…

Match Results

Saturday (n), July 5, 2008
Stadium Australia, Homebush, 7.10pm AEST; crowd: 59,266
Conditions: Fair; slippery in patches of re-laid turf
Weather: 13.5C, fine, cloudy
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
SYD 1.3-9 1.5-11 2.7-19 6.14-50
COL 1.5-11 (2) 5.7-37 (26) 8.12-60 (41) 11.13-79 (29)
Goals: Collingwood: Dale Thomas 3, Travis Cloke 3, Paul Medhurst 2, Cameron Wood, Alan Didak, John Anthony. Sydney: Craig Bird, Jarred Moore, Barry Hall, Michael O’Loughlin, Henry Playfair, Ryan O’Keefe.
Best: Collingwood: Dane Swan, Alan Didak, Paul Medhurst, Shane Wakelin, Scott Pendlebury. Sydney: Brett Kirk, Darren Jolly, Tadhg Kennelly, Jude Bolton, Leo Barry.
Umpires: Michael Vozzo, Hayden Kennedy, Simon Meredith.


Match Comments

  • The last time the Swans had scored 11 points or less at half-time was 2002-R5 when it was 1.4 (v StK 2.2) at Docklands; last time Sydney had score 11 points or less at half-time at home was 1983-R21 when it was 1.5 (v Rch 9.13) at the SCG
  • The last time Sydney had scored 19 points or less at three-quarter time was in 2002-R5, when it was 2.6 (v StK 5.5) at Docklands; last time in Sydney was in 1993-R8 when they were 2.6 (v Bri 27.17) at the SCG
  • It’s uncanny how similar the scoreline was in the corresponding game last year:

2007 2008 2007 2008 2007 2008 2007 2008
SYD 1.1 1.3 2.1 1.5 3.4 2.7 8.9 6.14
COL 3.5 1.5 6.11 5.7 8.13 8.12 10.16 11.13
  • MICK MALTHOUSE coached Collingwood for the 200th time – the fourth person to coach the Magpies in 200 games, alongside JOCK McHALE (714), PHONSE KYNE (272) and LEIGH MATTHEWS (224).
  • 50th HARRY O’BRIEN (Collingwood, 2005-08) …
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