Task Lists and GTD Apps

So I finally sat down and wrote out all the things that need to be down over the next few weeks. by the time I finished on the first pass, I had 30 tasks written down across 6 major areas

  1. MS Exchange 2007 Migration
  2. MS SharePoint 2007
  3. Backups
  4. Desktop Clients
  5. AV Migration
  6. Documentation

Holy Smokes, that’s some work that we (my offside and I) need to do… I was looking onto some options for setting up some kind of GTD stuff to document all this and possibly keep up with it all, otherwise I am going to get mired down in paperwork and tasks and emails and everything. I can never find one that suits me… There are plenty of them about but most seem to be either Desktop or Cloud-based, some look great, some not-so-great, some use email and work with Outlook, many do not. I still haven’t found one really suits me. I guess that search goes one..

In the meantime, we created a SharePoint site and list all the Projects and the tasks and cross-linked them as well as did up some quick custom views to keep us going for now… That does me for now, on the work side of things anyway… that still leaves all the stuff i need to do at home though….

For this, I am thinking of using MS OneNote combined with Live Mesh. That way i can access the OneNote file from both Work and Home as well as synchronise with my HTC TYTN II.  I am still only scratching the surface of OneNote and I look forward to putting more into the way it works and integrates with Outlook

Any tips on GTD Apps and also OneNote resources and tips would be appreciated…

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