Australian Windows Mobile Blog

So now we have a local blog on Windows Mobile. I Hope this does well, the most comment i get when asked about my HTC TyTN II (Kaiser) is “what do you do actually use if for?? I am still working on all the things that i use it for, as is my wife who inherited my old Dell x51v ( the best Windows Mobile PDA ever…). I do lists, gaming, ebooks and all that as well as starting to incorporate using MS OneNote synchronisation as well.

This is very much a work in progress and i look forward to reading more articles from the Blog, especially with an Australian flavour. Unfortunately, we suffer from horrible, horrible pricing plans for data connectivity unlike the all-you-can-eat buffet that the US folk do. I remember getting a $375 bill from a single month because i had left my email checking at the default 2 Hour Interval… Ouch! This kind of limits some of the better stuff we can do so I hope that we can look forward to articles full of localised content.

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