AFL Round 13 – Western Bulldogs Vs Collingwood

Ouch, we go down again by a skinny margin… While I didn’t expect to win this one ( I actually tipped against the boys), It annoys me that we were up by 25 ( again) and then got closed out and lost by 10 points. this could have been one of those unexpected wins that we all love so much. We need them to balance out all those ones that we are expected to win but ending up losing…. We did come close and who knows what might have happened if Anthony hadn’t had to stagger off.  Reid and Rocca out again to serious injuries. Any tall forwards anywhere?? This will cause another shuffle and place more Pressure on Travis Cloke. I hope young Trav is up to it now he’s back. At least we stopped the Bulldogs run of 100+ scores

Match Results

Sunday, June 22, 2008
Docklands, 4.40pm AEST; Roof: closed; crowd: 44,885
Conditions: Good
Weather: 13C; outside cloudy, chance of a shower
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
COL 1.3-9 6.8-44 (10) 11.9-75 13.11-89
WB 2.2-14 (5) 5.4-34 12.5-77 (2) 15.9-99 (10)
Goals: West.B’dogs: Mitch Hahn 3, Robert Murphy 3, Scott Welsh 2, Brad Johnson 2, Lindsay Gilbee, Nathan Eagleton, Ryan Griffen, Jason Akermanis, Will Minson. Collingwood: Paul Medhurst 2, Scott Burns 2, Cameron Wood 2, Dane Swan 2, Scott Pendlebury, Rhyce Shaw, Anthony Rocca, Chris Bryan. Tarkyn Lockyer.
Best: West.B’dogs: Adam Cooney, Daniel Cross, Ryan Griffen, Lindsay Gilbee, Dale Morris, Mitch Hahn, Matthew Boyd. Collingwood: Heath Shaw, Ben Johnson, Rhyce Shaw, Tarkyn Lockyer, Dane Swan, Cameron Wood.
Umpires: Michael Vozzo, Matt Stevic, Stuart Wenn.

Match Comments

  • ANTHONY ROCCA in Q3 kicked his 400th goal for Collingwood in his 216th match for the Magpies
  • The Bulldogs’ run of successive 100+ point scores ended at 12 – they kicked only 99 points in this match
  • 100th ADAM COONEY (West.B’dogs, 2004-08)
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