AFL Round 11 – Melbourne Vs Collingwood


Woohooo.. a chance to extend the winning streak… We dropped this corresponding game earlier this year so I hoped the boys would be able to get up. for the first three quarters we looked a bit scratchy and couldn’t put them away.. Fortunately, the boys found their accuracy and stopped indiscriminately bomobing onto the Forward 50 and started tohit targets and ended up with the Chocolates.. Now to put Carlton away…

Match Results

Melbourne v Collingwood
Monday, June 9, 2008
MCG, 2.10pm AEST; crowd: 59,548
Conditions: Slippery from morning rain; lights on at half-time
Weather: 15C, cloudy, showers forecast
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
MEL 4.1-25 (5) 7.4-46 11.9-75 13.17-95
COL 3.2-20 8.5-53 (7) 15.8-98 (23) 17.14-116 (21)
Goals: Collingwood: Tarkyn Lockyer 2, Heath Shaw 2, Alan Didak 2, Leon Davis 2, Paul Medhurst, Harry O’Brien, Shannon Cox, Nathan J Brown, Sharrod Wellingham, Josh Fraser, Ben Johnson, Dane Swan, Dale Thomas. Melbourne: Austin Wonaeamirri 3, Colin Sylvia 3, Adem Yze 2, Brad Green 2, Clint Bartram, Brock McLean, Lynden Dunn.
Best: Collingwood: Scott Burns, Tarkyn Lockyer, Heath Shaw, Martin Clarke, Alan Didak, Ben Johnson, Harry O’Brien, Rhyce Shaw, Sharrod Wellingham. Melbourne: Nathan Jones, Brock McLean, Colin Garland, Matthew Warnock, Adem Yze, Austin Wonaeamirri, Cameron Bruce, Brad Green.
Umpires: Michael Vozzo, Luke Farmer, Simon Meredith.
l Travis Cloke (Col) was cited for headbutting Matthew Warnock (Mel) in Q2. The level two misconduct charge was assessed as reckless, low impact and high contact. The points were reduced to 93.75 and a reprimand when Cloke was offered an early plea. Cloke admitted guilt and accepted the MRP reprimand.
l Three players were cited for engaging in a melee during the second quarter. All accepted guilt and fine determined by the MRP – Travis Cloke (Col) $1,200, Scott Burns (Col) $2,100 (2nd offence), Lynden Dunn (Mel) $1,200.
l Paul Medhurst (Col) and Clint Bartram (Mel) were each fined $900 for wrestling other in Q2.

Match Comments

  • For the third successive week Collingwood had 13 goalkickers for the game
  • at the 221st meeting of the pair no other new match records were noted
  • MICK MALTHOUSE coached his 575th match, 197 Col 2000-08, 243 WCE 1990-99, 135 Fsc 1984-89, equalling the record of ALLAN JEANS, 332 StK, 1961-76, 221 Haw 1981-87, 89-90, 22 Rch 1992
  • 150th LEON DAVIS (Collingwood, 2000-08)
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