Windows Home Server – Every House should have one!


I am sooo glad that I bought my copy of Windows Home Server. I installed it on a Dell PowerEdge 715n Server Appliance that i happened to purchase cheaply second-hand. Since then it has been backing up our laptops and also my desktop PC.

Last week, it earned it’s keep. I had been running some stuff remotely via and all of a sudden, it disconnected me and i could not re-connect. I got home that arvo and my wife said that my PC had been beeping all day and kept rebooting. I sat down to have a look and sure enough, boot to logon screen BAM! Blue screen and reboot. I was able to boot into Safe Mode and nothing looked out of place and i was beginning to wonder what the hell it could be. of course, i was having that feeling of dread starting in my stomach because these things rarely go well… Then i remembered….

I went to the shelf, got my PC Restore CD and booted it up in my PC. I selected the previous nights backup and started the restore. I went upstairs for Dinner and promptly forgot about it. the next morning I came downstairs and lo and behold, my PC is sitting at the Logon Screen. I logged in, Updated the System Time and whaddyaknow.. She was all fixed. Simple, no loss, no heavy investment of time…

Thank you Home Server and Thanks to the WHS Product team… If you ever come to Australia, there’s a beer in it for you from me…

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3 Responses to Windows Home Server – Every House should have one!

  1. Mark says:

    So, how did you do the install to the 715?

    • BigChaps says:

      I cheated a little… I took out the first disk and put it in my PC. I then installed WHS and removed the drivers and transferred it back. After it started and added drivers, I added the rest of the drives.

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