Sydney Holiday


So the Chapman family packed up and headed down to Sydney for four days. We had been invited to a friend’s celebration of his twin daughter’s christening so we made a holiday of it and went for an extended weekend. we flew down on Jetstar ( on an international flight – which wasn’t worth the $20 saving) and stayed in the Menzies Hotel. We had booked it through as a mystery booking and didn’t find out where it was until we had booked it ( for a third of the price).IMAGE_040

IMAGE_047 So we spent Saturday travelling and also met up with Mossy in Darling Harbour We managerd to catch up while the chitlins ran themselves silly on the playground. On Sunday we ended up being late and missed the Church ceremony of the christening and joined Justin, Nicky and the girls at the lunch we had later. We then repaired back to Nicky’s mothers place to relax, watch footy and catch up as we hadn’t seen them since they returned from the US.

Monday was spent touristing around the city. Mummy and Emily did some shopping in the morning while Daddy slept in (so much sport on Fox in the Room). We travelled on the trains and the monorail to Darling harbour again. After lunch back in the City, Mummy wentback tothe Hotel to have a nap. We took in Hyde Park and the Hyde Park Barracks Museum which Emily loved. The best bit was Emily swinging the the hammocks in the Top floor of the Barracks where the convicts used to sleep. We had a great time but were exhausted.

After a quick battle-nap, we headed out in the car, this time, to get some dinner and have a drive around some of the old haunts. I was a bit rusIMAGE_045ty on some of the driving around the city, we did seem to drive across the harbour bridge a number of times, but did alright around the ‘burbs.Hyde Park

On Tuesday morning, we packed up, drove out to our old house where we bought Emily home as well as drive past her daycare centre and a few other spots and then headed back to the plane to come home.

Of course, We were very glad to be home. I sort of miss Sydney but in most ways i certainly do not. We managed to miss all of the wild weather here in Brisbane with only a little rain in Sydney falling.

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