Identifying Fonts.

I had to identify a couple of Fonts that i wanted to use in a project that i was doing so i could buy them… but then,  how do you do that.. Sure, there is the common list the MS provides as part of Office but i had two specific ones that i had examples of in a picture.

Now when it comes to design stuff, a blog i always check out is Brand New, one of four blogs offered by UnderConsideration. The Brand New Blog shows before and after shots of updated logos and brands by various companies around the world, along with offering an opinion on what is good or bad about the changes. Asa bit of an outsider looking in with respect to design, i always find it fascinating to look at what is updated and the thoughts behind simple little changes.

So, when it came to look for some fonts, i got in touch for some help. I got a return email from Armin Vit stating that he didn’t know what they were but pointed my to the Typophile website, particularly the Type ID board. Sure enough, I posted the pic, asked for help and within minutes, i received my response (Coronet and Calcite) whcih also included links to a site where i could get them…

So my Thanks to Armin and also the members of the Typophile for helping me out…

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