AFL Round 9 – Collingwood Vs Geelong


Booyah.. what a cracker of a game… I had been out ( watching Indiana Jones, no less) and came home to listen to the final quarter streamed via the AFL Website. I was cheering and carrying on. I turned up the sound for the Club song… Not only that, I then rushed upstairs to watch the game… Of course, i had to sit my way through a bloody Benny Hill repeat of a repeat of a repeat episode before the game kicked off… I had to do the silent yealling and cheering and singing the club song as the girls had all gone to bed… and there were plenty of cheering.. Thomo’s goal of the year and the tackling, tackling tackling…

Match Details


Friday (n), May 23, 2008
Docklands, 7.40pm AEST; crowd: 78,206
Conditions: Good
Weather: 11C, fine and cold, light winds
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
COL 6.4-40 (26) 11.6-72 (51) 16.8-104 (63) 20.14-134 (86)
GEE 2.2-14 3.3-21 6.5-41 7.6-48
Goals: Collingwood: Travis Cloke 4, Paul Medhurst 3, Alan Didak 2, Leon Davis 2, Heath Shaw, Ben Johnson, Anthony Rocca, Josh Fraser, Martin Clarke, Tarkyn Lockyer, Scott Pendlebury, Chris Bryan, Dale Thomas. Geelong: Gary Ablett 2, Travis Varcoe, David Wojcinski, Ryan Gamble, Cameron Mooney, Tom Hawkins.
Best: Collingwood: Martin Clarke, Dale Thomas, Travis Cloke, Tarkyn Lockyer, Dane Swan, Scott Pendlebury, Anthony Rocca. Geelong: Gary Ablett, Joel Corey.
Umpires: Stephen McBurney, Hayden Kennedy, Scott Jeffery.


Match Comments

  • close to a parallel – at half-time the Pies led the Cats by 51 points – in 2006 in Round 8 at the MCG, it was 59 points difference 12.3 to 2.4, with Collingwood that night (May 20) winning by 102 points
  • Collingwood’s 86-point win is their 4th-best of 214 games versus the Cats; only 102pts in 2006, 97pts in 1945 and 89pts in 1902 are better
  • also close to a parallel – TIM LANE noted on ABC 774 that in 1953 it was Collingwood who severed the string of Geelong’s 23-straight victories – on Friday night it was the end of 12 successive wins by the Cats from last year’s R22
  • The Magpies had 13 goalkickers for the match; an equal best by Collingwood – last time 1990-R16-SCG v Sydney – see Goals-most
  • 50th DALE THOMAS (Collingwood, 2006-08) who in Q4 kicked Collingwood’s 19th of the night and a contender for goal of the year
  • The Magpies amassed a staggering 85 tackles, 56 of which came in the first half as they turned the Cats into a side which bore no semblance at all to the one which had won 27 of its previous 28 matches.
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