AFL Round 8 – St Kilda Vs Collingwood


Woohoo another win.. a good hard tough win that might make the difference for the year. Now we ar 4-4 and will be able to build on that. What i wouldn’t give for some consecutive wins.

Match Details

Friday (n), May 16, 2008
Docklands, 7.40pm AEST; Roof: closed; crowd: 48,417
Conditions: Good
Weather: 16C, chilly, rain developing
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
STK 6.3-39 (8) 9.5-59 12.6-78 14.10-94
COL 5.1-31 10.3-63 (4) 14.5-89 (11) 16.7-103 (9)
Goals: Collingwood: Alan Didak 3, Paul Medhurst 2, Scott Burns 2, Leon Davis, Harry O’Brien, Scott Pendlebury, Dale Thomas, Sharrod Wellingham, Anthony Rocca, Tarkyn Lockyer, Ben Johnson, Chris Bryan. St Kilda: Stephen Milne 2, David Armitage 2, Nick Dal Santo 2, Shane Birss 2, Jason Gram, Fraser Gehrig, Leigh Montagna, Brendon Goddard, Jason Koschitzke, Robert Harvey.
Best: Collingwood: Scott Burns, Leon Davis, Harry O’Brien, Alan Didak, Scott Pendlebury, Nathan J Brown, Dane Swan, Chris Bryan. St Kilda: Sam Fisher, Luke Ball, Lenny Hayes, Jason Blake, Leigh Montagna, Nick Dal Santo, Max Hudghton.
Umpires: Brett Rosebury, Matt Stevic, Shane McInerney.

Match Comments

  • at the 202nd meeting no new match records were noted
  • 200th SHANE O’BREE (181 Col 2007-08; 19 Bri 1998-99)
  • 200th career match LENNY HAYES (St Kilda, 1999-2008), 176 premiership games, 22 pre-season, 2 International
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